National Quemoy University Chinese Language Center

National Quemoy University Chinese Language Center

National Quemoy university Chinese Language Center – English

  The Chinese Language Center established in 2017 (the 106 academic year), is mainly responsible for handling Chinese language-related courses required by international students, foreigners, and new residents as well as providing Chinese language teacher training.

  In order to recruit outstanding overseas student to come to study in our university, we have been extending our partnership with local universities as well as universities in new southbound countries. Our university has started to recruit students from all over the world.
  Now, our university aims to do internationalization. The number of international student recruitment continues to increase. One of our class highlight is that we combine language learning with culture learning experience.
  National Quemoy University Chinese Language Center provides high-quality course as well as giving excellent life experience to the student. We’re also able to diminish language barrier between foreign student with local society and encourage the students to communicate with local students in Taiwan.

Course Features

  Our course planning includes teaching students all about Chinese language pronunciation, pinyin, Chinese characters recognition, reading, etc. Students will be able to feel the beauty of Chinese characters, phonology, structure and its artistic conception.

  The course is combined with daily life applications, students can use what they have learned in class in real life. With situational dialogue, they can understand common sentence patterns and vocabularies in daily life, enhance their memorizing ability, and accelerate their communication with local society.

Course Targets

  In order to be sure about the course quality and to ensure every student gets the most adequate practice opportunities in the class, the teaching materials are selected and arranged by each teacher according to the students’ ability before the start of the class. Our teaching method is flexible and will be adjusted according to students’ culture so that it will be suitable for the students regardless of where they come from.

  Students are expected to experience the beauty of Kinmen and Taiwan culture. The course is based on 4 principle that include cultural, exemplary, modern, and local characteristic.